More than just a science geek!

Hi kids, and welcome to another day!  I had chemo today, (the long week..uggghh!!)  So, as I return home, I figure I better get on here and write something while I still feel like it.  If history follows suit, by tonight I’ll be a physical basket case.  But, right now, I’m sipping on a Sonic Drive In Orange Cream Slush.  This is probably the most decadent drink in the world… mmmmmm.

 I want to thank all of you who have already visited my blog, and also thank those who have linked to me.  I’m truly honored.  It seems I’ve suprised my closer friends with my science questions.  So, as not to pigeon hole myself.  I offer other imponderables that aren’t actually science.  (Don’t worry science geeks, I will never turn my back on it permanently.)

 Today I’ll just throw out a few thoughts of a more generic nature.

1.  Why do they portray fat people on television as unable to go more than 5 seconds without talking about food?  I’ve been fat most of my life, and I can recall hours and hours without talk of food.  Just a few instances include sex, job interviews, funeral services, the time I almost died during a canoe trip down the Buffalo river, and of course that time when I was 13 when I caught two close elderly relatives “doing it”.  I couldn’t think of food for at least a day and half.  And even when I could eat, tacos and hot-dogs were off my list for at least a month.  I won’t go into any further detail.

2.  I know Phrenology (the study of the shape of the head to determine your value or quality as a person) is a lost, and unaccepted science, but if it really were accurate…. would Peyton Manning be the smartest man in the world?  His forehead is of mythic size.  I mean, geez…. I’ve always been intimidated walking around in locker rooms, and then Manning comes along, and now I’m afraid he’s going to take it helmet off in front of my wife, while we are watching a game.  Thanks Peyton!!  Now I suffer from forehead envy!

 3.  Finally, I ask the most difficult question of my day.  In the movie “Troy”.  There is a scene in which a young man is asked to go wake up Achilles.  He is found lying in a tent with several buxom young ladies.  They are all nude.  Being the kind of guy I am, I freeze framed, and replayed that scene a least 3 or 4 times, but for the life of me, I can’t tell which round, supple and attractive bottom belongs to Brad Pitt, and which belongs to the hot ladies.  Is his behind that hot, or have I just reached some level where I don’t care who the ass belongs to, I just want to enjoy it naked?

 Well, that’s it for today kids….. If I feel like it, I’ll see you again tomorrow.



~ by stewman1 on December 18, 2007.

14 Responses to “More than just a science geek!”

  1. Baahahahahaha, forehead envy!

  2. I’ve always pictured Peyton as the guy who would chase you around the locker room popping you in the ass with a towel until you cried. OK, maybe not you. But me.

    Yup, I was captain of the quiz bowl team and in the A/V club. Welcome to the Island of misfit toys, Stew!

  3. I LURVE U!! And I didnt make good grades in Science.

  4. Yeah, I’ve got one of those long foreheads. I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours… heh…

    On your first quesiton/issue, isn’t it just a stereotyping thing? Like they can’t show Italians without them being Mafia types, or the French without them being imbedded in sexual innuendo all the time, or Irish without a penchant for liquid libido boosters.

  5. Oh hi, Stew, good to read you agai…mmmmmm…Sonic Orange Cream Slush…darn it…I didn’t even make it 2 second without thinking of food! 😉

  6. Helllllllllooooooooooo Stew! Our pal Newscoma recommended your site as a good ‘un. And how right she is – you’ve opened the door to head shape talk. I saw a baby with a nicely rounded back-head the other day and thought it must be held a lot. Have you ever seen those flat-headed babies? I always think they aren’t held much (same with people – if they have flat backs of their heads, I figure they were longly babies). So yeah. Thanks. Sigh.

  7. And by “longly” babies, I mean LONELY. Sheesh.

  8. It goes back to that thing we were talking about with Monica from “Friends” during her fat phase who was constantly eating.
    That’s in my brain right now because you are right. And Stewman, Ginger is known for her love of the Sonic.
    I like to think, incidentally, I have a cute albeit ample butt that is adorable.
    Just saying. 🙂

  9. Speaking of Peyton, I’ve been wondering why they portray him as some sort of giant in that one commercial for Sony (I think it’s Sony) where at the end he comes into these people’s living room and sits on their couch with them.
    When he enters the room, he has to duck under their mortal-sized entry way. He should be able to walk under that without a hitch. Come on, the guy is listed as 6-5. He’s not Yao Ming, for crying out loud. It’s not like he’s Doug Flutey and they have to enhance his size to make him seem powerful and athletic.
    I don’t get it.
    Oh, and yeah, he’s got one whopper of a forehead.

  10. Hey Stewman..I miss ya on the radio ! I understand you`re nurse, wife,friend & caregiver part. Been there and done that.I Had a Heart-Transplant a while back. I too, now write a blog. I`m glad you are writing about your experience and illness. You would be surprised, who you are helping. Keep up the good work. With warmest regard, I remain > Underdog !
    > <

  11. I want to know who the 2 oldies were????
    Your sister,

  12. I kinda like reading your blogggggggggg thing….I am not use to you being so quiet…(Haa} I might stay tuned to this station…Hope you are having a good day…

  13. you sound much better on the conputer,go broncos, no go packers

  14. Oh Stew, I never read this one until just now, the day of your memorial and even now your making me laugh until I have tears. I have only begun to miss you.

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